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Monday, December 28, 2009

cream caramel,"kek" batik(my version),homemade beef lasagna :)+cupcakes:))

Salam everybody :)
I'm on cloud 9 these past few days.One of my old schoolmate asked me few weeks back if I'm taking orders for cupcakes...She's planning to give it to her son's classmate on his birthday.Yippeeee!!!Alhamdulillah,syukur byk2.I was thankful that she trusted me to do it for her..thank you dear.So,now I'm like nervous+excited+going bonkers over this whatever feeling that is in me right now,smiling,dreaming..hehehe..So,I decided to extend my menu a bit..hahaha..

all time favourite...ssllluurrrppp;)
I love eating all these yummy food,I know,I out for the numbers on your weighing machine going up,up,up...but they're sinfully delicious(ferasan+overrated+tak tipunye statement)I kept making them and my family enjoyed them..muaz kept asking for the cupcakes..every time he opened the fridge,he'll go like"mum,where are the "tuptakes??"can you make some more "tuptakes" mum?"

I love this baby ;)
hehehehe...So,I'm trying my luck at selling these personal favourite dessert of mine and my homemade beef lasagna.Wish me luck babes and if anyone of you wishes to me ya..

my kek batik :)

sticky chewy balls(my 1st trial on makin them as giveaways for weddings/door gifts/dessert.


superheroes' mom said...

ooohhhh, all of em look sinfully delishhhh..... esp the beef lasagna. i love cheeeeeesseeeee.... my weakness mmg cheese and carbs like bread and pasta... huk huk huk

adriana az said...

hehehehe...thanks dear ;)..same here la,i pon mmg suka all the pasta dishes..with extra cheese of course!!tu yg makin gedebusss..

Ella said...

last 2 weeks i buat cream caramel juga..yummy.

lasagna tu nampak so sedap...
mmg tak boley tgk makanan sedap2 skrg ni..heheh

adriana az said...

hi ella,you pon mkn caramel jgk,eeeii..besh kan..yummy!!but mm takleh mkn selalu kan kekeke,sendiri mau ingat.
thanks dear,lasagna tu my hubby and kids suka,senang makcik kan.malas nak masak,buat lasagna je hahaha.u nk nanti email i ye,boleh order.heheh.

Amelia Khalik said...'s bday coming soon. So be prepared for a cupcakes order yeah. I'll let u know d details soon!! Hehehe. Btw everything looks sinfully delicious...stay away!!! Kekeke

adriana az said...

ME....yesss..thank you my dear friend*hugs*hehehe..everything delissshhh kannnnn...stay away??haku nak bawak jgk kasi ko makan!!

ABH said...

hok aloh.....nape haku tak reti nak wat semua menda2 yg sinfully delicious super duper yummeh tuuuu?!?!?huaaarrrggg...ehhhh, if i nk order kek batik tu camne? kasi hp no leh anytime nk order just buzz u jek :)

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