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Monday, December 21, 2009

what goes around....comes???

Salam people,babes,dudes,haji,hajjah....:)Tengah cari ilham on what to share.Day in day out with the kids,cooking,cleaning up,picking up after them..bla,bla,bla..yup!!What stay-at-home mom does..not to forget,reading,writing,numbers,shapes,,bla,bla..supermom?nope..did it out of lurveeeee babes,Amanah...yesss.Amanah dari Allah swt.
I'm far from a "perfect"mom..I have my own temper to handle,I have my own flaws...but like all of you out there,I'm still trying everyday to take care of my "amanah"and treat them with tender loving care :)
Hmmmm...what else is our amanah?Husbands has a BIG amanah to take care of,his wife and his,parents..etc,etc..So,when he said"aku terima nikah...."and its "SAH"..there you have one amanah on your shoulder dudes!!!It's not like you marry and then you think you're the king of the house and you are my wifey and you are to "layan"I sesuka hati I...ho,ho,'re so wrong if you think that way.When you take her as your wife,you made a promise to God to take care of this wife of yours,your family,to lead them to the right path,you the imam(for muslems)..I think I can babble about this like the  whole night..I'm so not gonna do that.I believe they're better people out there who knows more about this hukum hakam about the husbands and wifey relationship.Next!!!

Amanah again...our body is amanah.It's ours but not rightfully ours..hehehe..konpius??It's a loan people,...from Him,Allah SWT the Almighty.So,what did yo do to this "loan"have u taken good care of it?Have you abandon it?Have you treat it as how it's suppose to be treated?since it's not rightfully yours,you should know what are the do's and dont's right??:)Next!!!

Who else?What else?..Our responsibility towards our society,our pets..yess..our pets.Have we forgotten that they too are  Allah SWT creations?Have we done our best to protect them and to give them what they deserve?:)I'm sure you guys have,alhamdulillah.Their food,place to sleep,if they need "partners"during mating season...those are all their needs and we cant take it away from them...hmmm...Next!!

I believe in hukum karma,what goes around comes around...I also believe that if you intentionally hurt other people,someday you'll be hurt too,nauzubillah.If not you,someone that you care for will have to pay for what you did,fair?no?....hmmm...Les all pray that we always pause and think before we say something or do something that might hurt other people,animals,living creatures.
I'd like to apologise if I've hurt anyone's feelings in the process of reading this,it's purely my own tot's and a reminder to myself,not with the intention to hurt anyone.:) Peace!


Abrahyn said...

manusia adalah khalifah dimuka bumi, seseorang khalifah adalah pemegang amanah yg diamanah kan oleh Allah SWT...thanks for sharing your tot dear :D

adriana az said...

thank you abrahyn dear,btol u ckp,khalifah kan..besar maksud perkataan tu takut i tak mampu nak tanggung :) but insyaallah kan.

This is .... said...

comes.. AROUND.. :)

adriana az said...

kekekeke..thanks nad..:))

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