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Sunday, December 6, 2009

when marissa gets creative :)

We went out few days back...yesss we love going out outing.Went to IKANO and IKEA.Marissa went to the play land,muaz were not allowed to join his sister,not 3  yet,sorry abang,next year darling.

yo!yo!rappers in da house!

muaz...where r U????

my precious

loves fashion :))

herselfmade ring,excuse the prints on the hand(ikea playland)


pink bracelet for mummy :)
Bought Marissa a charm bracelet..she loved it.The beads where you bought from all those small kiosks,u get to choose your own charms and get them to tie it up for you.Marissa went home happy :)The next day as I was busy cooking,she made her own bracelet.She asked for strings from me,which I didn't have happened was,she took some rubber bands,and added the beads I bought for her not so long ago.I was impressed,touched and so proud of her...proud of you baby!!!Mummy love you!!Now,I'm going to encourage her even more on crafting project or anything that she sets her heart on.(muaz wants to bake and fix cars )

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