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Friday, December 11, 2009

"suami tak sihat sebab pe'el isteri??"

"you tau tak suami kita ni kena darah tinggi sebab perangai kita?laki ko tu cik x,darah tinggi sebab ko la,membebel tiap hari"
Damn!!I gave my extra attention to Mrs K that day,not only her voice was loud,her statement made my eyes and ears wide open.We were gathering,all us neighbours were sitting around under a cherry tree witnessing a wedding.
Mrs K asked us again"don't u guys notice all this?they(the husbands)gets all these sickness from our non-stop babbling,requests and our upside down moods..(her husband is suffering from high blood pressure*chronic*
I prefer to reserve my comments and at the same time,feeling grateful to Allah Al-Mighty for blessing my husband with good health.I will remember what Mrs K's advice to all us wives that day"Don't pressure your husbands with your demands,always asking for new things or always asking them to follow your style.Don't pressure them with your moods..tho they never say it,(coz they love u)show them your appreciation by following their way once in a while.just look at my husband,so cool,laid back but now his sick because of me:(...
*to MRS K..don't be sad,take it as a lesson and thank you for sharing with us,to remind us to appreciate our beloved husbands :)*hugs*


superheroes' mom said...

sometimes we tend to forget these things kan. always wanting hubby to please us but forget to give him breathing space. thanks for the reminder sis, appreciate it much.

adriana az said...

thanks dear,reminding myself jgk,tends to take him for granted sometimes...bila MRS K ckp mcm tu,i mmg tersenyap sekejap.

Anis Zara said...

husband got high blood pressure bcoz they are fated to get it..or may be it's in the genes..never blame the wife for this..the husband tend to take wife for granted that's why Allah make him sick!

adriana az said...

salam anis zara,thanks for dropping by and leaving a comment :)
i appreciate it :) cheers!

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