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Monday, September 28, 2009

Majlis "baraan"and hari raya 2009

marissa and aisyah


in the messy toys room

muhammad yassin and BIL (jai)


kuah kacang

sambal tumis ikan bilis +petai

my rendang ayam
Salam babes....I was so like super duper busy the whole week.Nak crite pon still tired.Had majlis "baraan"in our neighbourhood..the first time the people here actually "planned"for a proper majlis baraan,they usually just "serang"your house during hari raya.*hehehe*What I mean by "serang"is,around 8-10 families plus 20 kids go to your house after isyak prayers to celebrate raya...
This year they made a plan not to serang but to do it row by row of houses.Invited my sisters but they had their own plans and my BIL couldn't make it as they were otw from JB.So,I didnt get to "escape"hahaha..wished my sister wud have told me that she was organizing her own raya celeb...then I can go to her place...but it's okay.I dont mind people coming to my house,but oh it was so tiring.....penat woo!!!All in all,Alhamdulillah,there was dua and selawat Nabi,Alhamdulillah...Penat tapi berbaloi2..tho I missed my celeb with my mom and my sisters,nieces and nephew...takde rezeki kat sana,ada rezeki kat rumah sendiri..:)
I didn't take any busy attending to...50 or more people...I made chicken rendang,kuah kacang,sambal tumis ikan bilis with petai(hubby's and dad's request) and nasi impit..drinks,kuih muih..itu je la yang termampu.*alhamdulillah*
Marissa was excited..she knows there'll be "so many guests"in our house every year and she couldn't wait for that nite...
The day after,I made nasi  lemak and curry mee.My eldest sister came to fetch my dad to go back to his house.So,we had curry mee and nasi lemak and sambal ikan bilis from the day before.Later in the afternoon as my dad was leaving,my husbands bro and family together with my Inlaws came to celebrate raya with us.My BIL wasnt in KL the whole week.So,they came and left around 8pm and we continued our majlis baraan to visit our neighbours houses(balas kunjungan).That night itself we went to 8 houses...Ya Rabbi...penatnye...dah tak fun tiring but kalau tak follow org berasa hati pulak..(paham2 je la ye)
On sunday,I went to celebrate raya with my own ol'buddies as ame called us.The kureng part,I forgot to bring my,enjoy the pics at ame's blog..heheheh...tumpang ye makcik:).I knew Liza and Yati like 17yrs ago.We were batchgirls..Ame is more senior(tabik puan)..tu pon sbb akak muda lagi hahahaha....
Had a great lunch at Yati's,and kek lapis sarawak at Ame's.Most kids enjoyed their day..our kids made friends with each other(terharu)and I hope we can do this again soon.Liza might just make our wish come true if her"open " house is confirmed to be on the 4th or 3rd..kekeke...
Today is monday and I'm going to my massage session later...oh..i so need that.


Amelia Khalik said...

Hehehe...aku senior yek...hahaha bangga semacam. Anyway it was great fun hopefully Liza jadi buat open hse boleh cam whoring lagi!!! Dont forget ur cam okay. I think d kids have fun too kan,.hehehe

adriana az said...

yeah the kids had loads of fun,rumah ko kan mcm toy's r heaven.they had pizza on their own and adults sume kat depan,i cudn't believe it tht muaz actually left me "alone"for 2 la kan me...insyaallah,nxt time kita jumpa lagi camni.(the best part,hubbies can connect to each other..hahaha)

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