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Wednesday, September 23, 2009

raya 2009

Assalamualaikum gorgeous babes!!!!!!!Still having your rendang and lemang for breakfast?Any open house next week?Don't forget to invite ah...kehkehkeh..(tak malukannn..)Here are some pics during our 1st raya in KL and USJ.More to come insya'allah.didn't snap a lot of pics though coz makcik jadi "orang kuat"that's what my MIL called me that day,I had to do the replenishing of the food,washed the dishes,make drinks,etc,etc,etc...We were the only family from my hubby's side spending the raya there.My BIL went back to his in-laws house...MIL had no other help except fom moi...nyeh nyeh nyeh...:)...(with help from my dearest hubbby of coure...looking after the kids needs except when muaz insisted on me carrying him)
We had like everybody else's lah kot...rendang,nasi impit,sayur lodeh,soto,kuah kacang...chocolate cake,raya syrup(homemade)and carbonated drinks for the guests...After solat sunat Aidil Fitri in the surau nearby the house,walking distance,we went home to bersalam salaman.This year I'm more excited for the kids because Muaz already know that he can collect "duit raya"..hahaha..marissa was given a sling pouch by her tokmak to keep all the duit raya that she collected that day..Muaz on the other hand will go straight to the room,got on the bed and start opening his duit raya envelopes and counting.."mom..look,I have so much MONEY!!!!"Muaz with big grin and big eyes waving the money at cute.
After breakfast with the kids,our guests came non stop until late in the around 5pm,we packed our things to spend the rest of our 1st day of raya in USJ Subang(my kampong hahaha)...and that's how we spend our !st day of raya 2009 :)..Alhamdulillah,semuanya dipermudahkan and I'm so thankful and feeling so blessed that I get to spend good times with my loved ones on this Raya day..we never know if there's still tomorrow kan?Alhamdulillah.Me and my family like to wish you babes a Happy Hari Raya again..adios!


hero and princess :)

my sweethearts

my love,my life.......

came back from solat sunat aidilfitri with "duit raya"from tok bah and tok mak.

best friends in genma's house

zzzzzz....this pic was taken on 3rd raya,Muaz insisted on wearing the sampin to sleep.(baju dah basuh hokay)

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