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Sunday, September 13, 2009

don't judge darlings,empathize :)

"eh..semua nak tanya wife dia dulu...mesti kena queen control"
"minah tu apa2 sikit nak tanya husband dia,stress betul hidup dia kan??""\
"nasib baikla aku tak kahwin,kalau tak nak jaga laki, time for myself.everything have to answer to my husband"
"ei...dia tu tak bercampur ngan jiran/orang..mesti sombong tu..berlagak"
These lists of daily conversations could fill up the whole page..:)
Familiar with them?Sounds familiar to my ears..I hear this almost everywhere...the reason why I don't join any group or persatuan or anything that has got to do with people having the chance to "mengumpat".(sometimes terbabas jgk ngan kwn2 )
Why do we judge other people?Who gave us the rights?Why do we think that we are "better"than the rest?Who are the victims?
We tend to forget that He is THE only ONE that can be THE judge...that all of us WILL face the judgement day...
So,it doesn't matter if that wife wants to ask her husbands permission for everything that she does,or this husbands wants to discuss with his wife first before he makes any decisions,doesn't matter if some people wants to marry because their "nawaitu"was to meramaikan umat Rasulullah,or it doesn't matter if the lady just want to stay home and mind her own business...(maybe she's always in pain and cannot join the community) doesn't matter...what matters is mind your own business and DON'T JUDGE...I'm just reminding myself....don't judge..emphatize...we're not qualified.


maznah said...

betul tu na.... fikir yg positif... semua pun akan jadi positif. Selalu cari salah org lain hati pun tak tenang...kan..

adriana az said...

terima kasih cik nah...sometimes,rasa mcm penyakit hait pulak kan,when semua benda org buat kitaa nak bersangka,nak judge...not fair.kena selalu ingatkan diri sendiri.i'm just reminding myself :)

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