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Tuesday, September 1, 2009

great outing..

Salam everyone...babes,dudes,mommies,daddies..ladies and gentlemen...Yesss...mummycool is in a good mood.I had a great time with my family today.A normal outing but what made it special is because,my kiddos had a fab time...:)
They ran here and there,playing and teasing each other..Alhamdulillah.My intention to go out was to find my Raya baju kurung and luck,nothing that I saw was nice enough to'm not that fussy but I can be if I think that the thing that i wanted to purchase,the price was marked up so much...not worth paying..hah enuff said..(actually takde duit)
So we went to KD giant to get some groceries and hoping to see the Ariani tudung collections that amelia khalik has been "persuading"me to see.(ala makcik takut mahal)....:).but it wasn't in KD was opposite of the Giant building.They opened a gallery there and they're having a SALE!!!!and they were CLOSED!!!!!!HUAAAAAA!!!!!!!!!
So I went home with a full tummy but feeling a lil bit down coz I didn't get to get my's okay,ada la hikmahnya kannnn....
Hokay people...this I have to tell you.If you guys haven't tried Nachosnachos Kd Giant..u should try.The food was good,the service was great(i'm fussy when it comes to service)..and today I felt good coz I had a good meal with my family :) Bravo to Mr.Syahrin Zaini manager of Nachosnachos Kota Damansara,PN.Amelia Khalik and the staffs..
My kids are nachos lovers,so are their parents...they had Nachos tostada(two orders ya!!)I had the Ramadhan set,Ame's fried Chicken served with mexican rice,sirap bandung and ice lemon tea(bottomless...marissa's fave)
I didn't snap any pics...go to Nachosnachos for their menu.( nxt time yek..mud pie pong okay ;) )
Seriously babes...their Oreo Mud Pie...yummylicious.That was my first time trying it and let me tell you it's gonna be in my MUST HAVE LIST on my next visit.Oh ya..if I forgot to tell you guys,I have a sweet can tell you which dessert is to die for and this Oreo mud pie def falls in that category.(if you guys happen to be in alamanda,try the brownies from the waffle kiosks in their foodcourt)
Hokay babes...gotta go..dunt wanna miss my sahur.take care..and sweet dreams ;)


Amelia Khalik said...

Salam Na..hehehe tengkiu jengah2 Nachos2..susah2 jerrr..hhmmm next time let me know in advance lah yek blh gak lepak with u n family.

Anyway m glad u like d mud pie..our best selling dessert lah katakan..hehehe takper ariani tuh next time blh dtg...n let me know yea...:)

adriana az said...

salam me...u know my kids never say no to nachos right.kalo pegi holiday pon they will have nachos for their snacks..teermasokla mak n bapaknye..hehehe.i wante BK burger but dah malas nak drive to sec13 nye BK,but nachos was a good choice.alhamdulillah.

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