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Thursday, September 3, 2009

yesss...we did it!!..hehehehe..

Salam's your raya preparation?Mine is as as per normal..not much to be done.Everything is done in moderation mode..kekeke..tomorrow going to pick up the fruitcake from elin.....yummy..The last time I had steamed fruit cake was 3 years ago..:(
The entry today is about me trying to make raya cookies ..for the first time for my kids and my hubby,of course.I've never bake cakes or cookies,I don't have any confidence in making them myself.I was afraid if it didn't turn out the it was suppose to,it would make me feel less a mommy...???
So,this year,I decided to make them anyway..come what may,I'm ready for it..and tadaaaaa.....they were fabulous..chewahhh..yess..I like to overrate things sometimes...but,really..I'm so glad they turn out great.My hubby and the kids enjoyed it very much.Marissa infact helped me to spoon the cornflakes into the paper cupcakes mould..(proud of you baby!!!)
So..there you go'll never know unless you try and never underestimate'll surprise yourself sometime.It might not be a big thing to those who make cookies every year...but it's a biggie to me..hehehe..never tried anything  like this before.Fun and satisfying.
Hokay...gotta go..take care babes and happy shpping to those loves to shop,happy baking to those who loves to bake and enjoy to the


maznah said...

Ana, bila nak dapat rasa ni...menggude la...

miEz haNeM said...

salam kak:)
everything is done in moderate..
i like that words..kene laa besederhana ye tak??

adriana az said...

salam gals...
maz:insya'allah...sebab dah try buat ,bolehla kita buat lagi.ada rezeki jumpa awak,dapatla awak rasa.
hi hanem:ye cik adik,akak ni nak jgk bershopping but most of the time rasa tak best coz masih ada yg boleh guna pakai,setakat saja2 nak beli yg baru,hmmmm...tepuk dada tanay selera masing2le kan.:)miez hanem dah shopping ke?shop for me jgk kay?

Amelia Khalik said...

waaahhhh..nie blh jadi tauke biskut raya nie...congrats beb!! very d rajin ahhh u...hehehe

adriana az said...,boleh ke jadi tauke?i was so excited,marissa lagi la over excited.really,it was fun and satisfying...mcm pass periksa hhahaha..not rajin la,just want to have this experience just like what i had with my mom :)

Abrahyn said...

wah awal lagi dah buat kuih raya nih....rajiiinnnnnyerrrr! saya rajin juga, tapi rajin tunjuk2 hehehehe

adriana az said...

hehehehehe...saja je try,tak sangka berbakat(perasan)hahahaha

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