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Friday, September 11, 2009

maafkan segala salah silap=kosong2 okay..??

Salam babes...wondering what do you guys say to your friends,close friends,acquaintance,neighbours...bla,bla,bla..dan yang sewaktu dengannye when you wish them selamat hari raya,maaf zahir dan batin?Every year,alhamdulillah..when we get to celebrate Hari Raya,I notice most people will just extend their hands,sengeh2 and say"kosong2"...I first heard that term 7 years ago..being sometimes "lurus" like me,I wondered what is "kosong2??"
Then barula paham..ohhh..minta maaf...So since then I understand how some people minta maaf during hari raya...Hmmm..maybe its funny to some people or maybe minta maaf is not something that they take it seriously...I on the other hand is very careful on how i minta maaf during hari raya or hari2 lain...bukan nak kata I baik..but I takut kalau ada orang yg tersakit hati or berasa hati ngan I,and I tak sempat minta kemaafan from tht person,then tiba2 my time is up...hmmm..nauzubillah....I'm sure you babes have come across people like this or like me :)
I ada jugak berasa hati with few people yang mulut sgt laser,or perbuatan yg made me cry at night(as if)but every year..they never say sorry..they simply salam and walk off.Maybe I dont deserve their kemaafan (betul ke aku ckp ni,y'olls paham tak what i'm trying to say?)or maybe they think they're sinless or maybe there's nothing to forgive and they prefer to forget...and every year I'll wait anxiously for that moment to come,for them to hurt my feelings again.My good friend will tell me"takpe la Na..ko redha je,forgive them"and I will follow her advice again but still I know what is waiting for me this raya.
To all my readers...this entry is just to share with you that sometimes,people get hurt..and if they get hurt because of us,I think it's only right to say sorry the proper way.(my 2cts worth)

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