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Monday, August 3, 2009


"anak you sekolah ke?"asked one lady to me(marissa is 4 and she speaks well :) )

"ala..sekolah 3 times a week je,buat main2 biar ada kawan,i lah principal cum maid cum driver..hahahaha"i replied.

"hmmm..tak kerja,dok rumah bolelah..kita ni kerja"she replied mockingly..

I can only smile,a bit hurt but only for 5 seconds..

That conversation took place in a small gathering I attended few days back.The lady that said that to me,don't know me personally,she has no idea of my background,my past and my present..oh well..maybe she knows a lil tiny bit from our mutual friend...I have no idea why she said it,maybe she's one of these people who thinks highly of themselves just because they're employed by some company,no matter how lousy it is.............maybe she's just bitter because she have no interest to raise her kids herself and just want to "bitch"around..

hahahahaha...she got the wrong person.I feel sorry for her, explanation needed here..really sorry for you lady,hopefully you'll recover from your bitterness and will be kind to others.

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