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Thursday, August 6, 2009

Influenza Jab

ola,lupa pulak..salam's your day?mine was filled with laughters and running up and down after the kids,and dont forget the famous mommy's scream...hahahahaha....
We went to KPJ Seremban Specialist Hospital to get our Influenza jab.It wasn't painful for me..Marissa didn't even shed a tear...but the "cannon ball " boy...OMG!!!He wasn't even lying down on the stretcher when the kind and sweet nurse jabbed him...I had to hold him and his ayah had to hold his legs....alamakkk!!!Muaz,Muaz...why such a cry baby.Kakak didn't even cry.
So,he cried with tears streaming down his face...more like a waterfall to me for 8-10 mins before he finally stopped and chased his sister around the hospital with mask on his face.Yeah...all of us had the surgical masks on....I dont wanna take any chances on this matter...neither should anyone....(my own personal views)
What I read few days back was very sad and scary to me...The victim didn't even had the symptoms of H1N1,no coughing,no flu..slight temperature and died later that night after she was admitted in the morning...How sad is that??
I'm terribly sleepy now...I'd like to wish all muslims friends,selamat menyambut nisfu syaaban.Semoga semua amalan mu diterima malam ini dan doa mu dimakbulkan,amin.

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