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Sunday, August 23, 2009

Happy Birthday Yayang!

Salam y'all...How was buka puasa?Hope y'all didn't stuff yourself with all the delicious food.:)
Last Thursday we went for a special family dinner to celebrate my other half's birthday...age?hehehe..biarlah rahsia.We went to Nilai Springs Resort Hotel
It's a new hotel in town and a very nice one too.
I didn't take any pictures of the food...was too hungry to snap pics..hehehe..I had Rancheros Grilled Steak served with sweet basil mayonnaise and black pepper sauce..yummy,my husband had Beef Stewed served with fettuccine and sauteed capsicum(sedaps gilos)and the kids had Al Dante spaghetti with meatball in tomato sauce.There were no one there except us,Alhamdulillah.I think there was a company gathering held there and they finished their buffet dinner before we came.I'm glad because I really don't want to be in a crowded area :)
Marissa enjoyed herself so much and asked to take her there again..(Insya'Allah sweetheart)She's a very cheeky girl and she loves making funny faces.Now,Muaz is following her footsteps,making funny faces too..hmmm...(layann)


maznah said...

cutenya anak-anak mu ana...mcm bapaknya ....awwwwww jgn mare

adriana az said...

hehehe..bapaknye ye..terima kasih maz,alhamdulillah.
semoga ramadhan awak penuh berkat dan rahmat.

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