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Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Randy,beloved pet passed away 17/08/09

I received a call at 0815hrs on the 17Th/08/09 from my little sis,Aza....she couldn't even speak.All I heard was her cries and she said"randy".....I knew then...
I'm terribly sad of the news,my sister and my mom was devastated.They wouldn't even talk...They were both still crying when i called her 5 minutes ago.Not many would understand why it's such a big thing to us.Only cat lovers would.I don't have a picture of randy,they're all with my sisters.He's this flat faced Persian cat,orange....adorable and lazy.He's been with us or rather my sister for more than 15years..He will be missed...Even if I tell you how special he was,not many would understand...BabyBlu would as she knows how we loved Randy and how Randy has been a part of our journey in this world.
I know Randy is in a better place right now." know i love you and i will always will...:( ...)Rest in peace..we love you.

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