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Sunday, August 16, 2009

More on trip to Auckland :)

Salam everyone.....2nd day in Auckland,the weather was sunny,temperature around 14Celsius...loved it.The kids had fun running around the city enjoying the cool breeze on their faces...Their appetite was good when we were there...the cold weather had a positive effect on them..hehehe:)..kebabs,fried chicken and fries,subway...chap chye rice,fried noodles,pineapple cookies was our menu through out the 5 days stay.Oh big bags of nachos,chocolate,cookies,green apples and bananas...hmmm...mummy put on weight and not happy!!!

We went to the famous Sky Tower...I'm not going into details,you can google for more info.My personal opinion of the Sky Tower?Brilliant!!!Absolutely a tower which they can be proud of.Its a place where the tourists and locals can get all the info's they need to go around Auckland,free shuttles to the hot spots and free city buses to take you around the city.You can get all the tickets there itself,there are cafes indoors and outdoors and they're people friendly,children friendly,wheelchair friendly...hmmm,what else..just amazing.Very friendly people too.(kenapa la KL tower tak friendly)

Had a great time there watching tourists and the locals jumping from the tower deck to the ground..we were for almost 2 hrs,then decided to take a stroll in the city.....makan time and went back to the hotel.It gets really cold in the evening,so..time to snuggle under the comforters :)

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