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Saturday, August 22, 2009

terawih oh terawih....

Salam people....How's your fasting so far?Going for sunat terawih later?I really want to go but..makcik ada 2 anak kecik kan(macamla kecik sgt)It's like this,eversince I had my kids,I've never had the chance to do my solat terawih at the mosque or rather berjemaah.I only do it at home...alone.:(...I'm OK with it coz to me it's bahagian masing2 but this year I think I want to try to take my two kiddos to the mosque for terawih.Marissa should be OK,she knows how to behave but Muaz...hmmm...I've seen him waiting for my hubby,not by his side but he was sitting a bit far from where my husband was praying.I don't want him to wander around when everybody else is praying..
So,have to discuss again with my better half bout this.If it's not safe,then..mummy solat in the house ajela..:)
So babes...selamat berbuka puasa and selamat solat terawih.

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