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Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Auckland and Kelly Tarlton's

Salam everyone...Maybe some of you want to know where we went in Auckland...with 2 active toddlers,you have to take them to a place they will enjoy and remember.We took them to Kelly Tarltons,the Underwater details,just google it and you'll find all the interesting info's.(sorry babes...I'm so lazy)
Fun and very interesting place for the kids and us.The next time you want to go for a family holiday,try Auckland.


:: vErde+hAzizi :: said...

salam...hey babe...thanx for dropg by y blog...u surely dont nd my permission to follow myu blog...u r free to follow n comment aswell :D

nways, such an adorable duo u got there...n i bet they are ur piller of strength :D

till then...hv a great da n happy blogging!

adriana az said...

salam..hey verde :) thanks for yr comment.yup!tht's my two "everything",my strength,my mirror...
u TC and i'm a fan of yr blog.keep it up :)

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