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Friday, August 21, 2009

Nervous?Travelling With Todders?Don't Fret!Enjoy Their Company.

Salam babes....daddies too...

As y'all already know,I just came back from a trip with my 2 kiddos.Marissa is 4+ and Muaz is 2+..My kids are very active,very curious about almost everything...they ask many questions and so on lah kann..I've been to Zurich with Marissa when she was 18mths old and it was a pleasant flight to and back.Mainly because Marissa was still breastfeeding then and she's such a good girl.She sat on her seat,ate her meals and slept when she felt sleepy.I was very lucky,Alhamdulillah.

After 3 years,I went to Auckland with not one but 2 toddlers,and this time I have a boy with me.Yup!!Muaz the "cannon ball"..I was quite nervous not knowing if I could handle them well,if they"ll behave,if they need to go to the loo...bla..bla..bla..

So,to shorten this piece...I'd like to share a few "tips"(i hope it will help)esp if you're travelling without yr spouse or yr maid..

  1. Be positive:have an open mind,relax and have a positive thinking before you start your journey.You don't want to spoil the holiday mood.

  2. Smile:It relaxes your facial much as you want to scream at your kids,smile first..then the tense will slowly fade away...

  3. Think funny:Do you have a funny bone?don't stress your kids with "don't do this or that stuffs"..let them explore.You have to understand that by exploring,your kids learns faster.

  4. BYO rubbish bag:When you travel with toddlers,anticipate to have extra mess around you.So,in order to make some space in that cramp seat of yours,BYO plastic bags.Put everything that you don't need to use in the bag etc.wrappers,plastic cups,tissues...

  5. Pre-order kids meal:Usually they come in a special box that will attract your kiddos,they have some cards or colouring stuffs to keep them occupied.Oh yes,don't forget to remind the stewardesses to serve your kids first before they serve you(they usually serve the kids 10-15mins before you get your tray)

  6. Lighten up:when you have kids,they're your top,don't sulk when you don't get to read your fav mags or watch your fav movies.Keep your children occupied with their shows and video games,don't forget to answer their questions or they'll be ringing for the crew to attend to them :)

  7. Walkabout:please let your children stretch or take them for a short walk around the cabin when the "coast"is clear.Having your kids strapped to their seats is not a wise decision.let them stretch their legs or have a chat with other mommies or children if they want to as long as they're not disturbing other passengers.

  8. Last but not least....have fun.Your kids want to have fun with you,loosen up a bit and you'll pass this with flying colours.I'm looking forward to my next holidays with my kiddos..we had a blast,alhamdulillah.

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