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Monday, August 17, 2009

Mummy's little girl made mummy proud :)

Have to share this with everybody...not bragging or "over"...just sharing my happiness with my readers.

Today Marissa tied up her shoelaces in a perfect knot!!!!On her own!!!!without me looking!!!without help from her ayah!!!yeah!!!!!good job baby!!!!

Tonight before she went to bed,she told me..."mummy...we have blood in our body.Our heart pumps the blood throughout our body so that we can live.If our heart stops pumping..we will die..."

Errrr...yup,that's my 4 year old talking...uh..does all 4 year olds speaks like that nowadays??I dunno..she doesn't go to kindergarten,we hardly watch national geo...hmmm...maybe Playhouse disney channels told her all this..way to go PHD!!!I'm proud of you clever little princess(overnye mummy)...Alhamdulillah...thank you Allah for this precious gift :)


miEz haNeM said...


cute marissa:)

adriana az said...

thanks hanem...alhamdulillah.bukan nak bragging but she does put a smile on my face with her "keletah"ness everyday.(buat i ngamuk pon ada gak,hehehe)

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